Our eBook about the ocean is free to download all this week

To celebrate Donald Trump’s clear love for the USA’s First Amendment, Science and the environment, we are spreading love for the ocean all this week by giving away our eBook, “Do Fish Sleep?: and 38 other ocean mysteries” (subject to Trump shutting down the internet before them). To get your free copy, just follow this link to the book’s page on Amazon and click “Buy now with one click” to receive your free copy. The book is free until Sunday 29th of January.To read it, you do not need to own a Kindle device, just the Kindle App, which is free to download for smartphones and tablets. It can also be read with “Kindle Cloud Reader” on a PC or Laptop.

Cover with blurb.png

We understand that Trump himself has read this book and absolutely loved it*. Here is what he had to say about it:

“This book is fantastic. It’s true. A great great book, just great. It uses all the best words. I tried to think of something bad to say about it, but I couldn’t do it; couldn’t do it folks*.”

*Some people would say that this is a falsehood. We insist that we are just providing an “alternative fact”.


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