We are now the ‘award-winning’ Words in mOcean

It is official: we are now an ‘award-winning’ blog – about bloody time as well; we think we’re great! Thanks to Laura Bretherton (@Phytoplanktonic) for nominating us for the Liebster Blog Award, an accolade that is passed around the internet in order to raise awareness of up-and-coming blogs. I’m sure many of you are aware of Laura and her excellent (double award winning!) blog; if you are not, go check it out… NOW (well, after reading the end of this entry of course), and also follow her on Twitter.

Here are four blogs that we wish to pass the award on to*:

1)      Science, Sightseeing and Sustenance: an eclectic mix of topics feature in this excellent blog by marine biology PhD student @HayleyEversKing.

2)      Moral Coral (who passed the award onto @Phytoplanktonic in the first place): written by Sarah-Jane Walsh (@MoralCoral), a PhD student studying coral reefs at The University of Essex. This blog features posts on coral reefs, wildlife and aspects of being a PhD student.

 3)      A Biologist Without a Country: a blog written by biologist Joel Parker (@JParcoeur ) that often has fascinating insights into research on ageing, and features ‘various rants, raves and philosophical observations from an American expat biology lecturer working in England’.

4)      Bench Fly: Every single scientist should be aware of this site. Their blogs on science  often feature great nuggets of advice (here is an example of one of their many great posts). They also have an excellent collection of videos which explain how to do a variety of lab procedures… the right way! Follow them on twitter at @BenchFly.

*Liebster Blog Award etiquette suggests that we pass the award onto 5 other blogs. We say ‘screw the etiquette, nobody tells Words in mOcean what to do!’.


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